"Suzanne is a complete perfectionist. For the last 4 years, I have left each appointment with absolutely beautiful nails. A pedicure from Suzanne lasts up to 5 weeks and I would not hesitate to recommend her 110%"
Name: Jenny Chatfield
Time as Client: 4 years
Treatments: Gel nails, manicures, pedicures and callus peel
"I have been having my nails done for the past 16 years and therefore have experienced the good and the bad nail technicians. So, I can honestly say that Suzanne is the best I have ever been to. Suzanne offers a brilliant service that means your nails are constantly being admired, but you know she is ensuring your natural nails are being cared for as well. I would recommend having your nails cared for by Suzanne, as it is a great experience and you leave with wonderful looking nails and toes in any colour you desire."
Name: Clare Tyler
Time as Client: 2 years
Treatments: Gel nails and gel toes
"Have loved having my gel nails done by Suzanne over the past 7 years. I always receive perfect nails, whether French or colour. Even when I have a broken nail, which requires a tip to be applied, you cannot spot the difference between the extension and my natural nails (perfect). I ook forward to my appointments an always love my nails when I leave. I also have regular pedicures from Suzanne and have to say that I have never received a service to match Suzanne's. I would rather have bare nails than book with someone else (that's like saying to a smoker or a coffee drinker 'go without'!!! Could not recommend her enough."
Name: Helen Wayman
Time as Client: 7 years
Treatments: Nail extensions, natural nail gel overlays and pedicures
"Moved over to having gel nails after the previous technician damaged my nails with acrylics. Makes you feel at ease and does a really good job. Would never go anywhere else from now on."
Name: Wendy
Time as Client: 5 months
Treatments: Gel nail extensions
"A true craft lady - open, honest and professional, taking pride in her job. Wow! What an experience. Fun, entertaining, with fab nails at the end of it."
Name: Carolyn W
Time as Client: 3 months
Treatments: Pedicures and gel nails
"I have been seeing Suzanne as a nail technician for quite some time now and absolutely love the gel nails. In fact, I look forward to my appointments not just to have beautiful hands but to "put the world to rights". I always get compliments on my nails and to think what they were like before I met Suzanne..... Boggles the mind!!"
Name: Sharon Pugh
Time as Client: 1 year
Treatments: Gel nails and pedicures
"Wow! The most perfectly formed nails that you could ever imagine and, believe me, if you knew me, you would know that I do not give that level of praise easily."
Name: Cindy Barley
Time as Client: 6 months
Treatments: Nail extensions and gel toes
"Brilliant!! Always great, never any problems. Mixes my bespoke colours with sparkles perfectly every time. Suzanne sorts everything out."
Name: Suzanne Curtis
Time as Client: 15 years
Treatments: Gel nail extensions and gel toes
"Every appointment, I am always able to obtain the exact colour, even if it has to be mixed to match and is then complimented by the Swarovski stones which I desire every time (never come off). Excellent! Very professional, always in a good mood and goes to a great deal of trouble to satisfy ones needs."
Name: Joyce Summers
Time as Client: 8 years
Treatments: Gel nails
"Suzanne offers a high-class, professional service. Superb looking natural gel nails, shape and attention to detail excellent.Offers nail art of all descriptions. Fantastic attention to detail always! Huge choice of colours - can mix any colours to suit your requirements. Friendly, wonderful experience."
Name: Jane Stephens
Time as Client: 5 years
Treatments: Gel nail extensions
"Wow! Perfect nails and great experience all round. Great service from someone who shows her passion for nails. My nails are stronger and healthier than they have ever been."
Name: Ros Hatt
Time as Client: 1 year
Treatments: Manicures and pedicures
"Since I have been having my gel nails done by Suzanne, my natural nails are 100% improved in strength and shape. Always obtain the exact look that I want. Suzanne has a very good selection of colours and can easily mix any colour of your choice."
Name: Gillian Roberts
Time as Client: 4 years
Treatments:Natural nail gel overlay in colour or French and pedicures
"I've been having my nails done by Suzanne for over 13 years now and have never been happier with them. I love the fact that they are my own nails, but, unlike my own nails, they look beautiful and the product Suzanne uses is just perfect for them. I receive compliments on my nails all the time and can't imagine not having them look gorgeous, always!"
Name: Lucille Cloney
Time as Client: 13 years
Treatments:Pedicures, callus peel, natural nail gel overlays
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